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About us

Why Choose Coast2Coast for your powder coating needs?:

We are a custom shop therefore we are always powder coating something different in size, shape, weight, etc, therefore we need to have the flexibility to do the best job depending on the parts we are doing.
Quantity is not always quality. Each and every part we powder coat is inspected before, during, and after the powder coating and baking process to insure that every part that is done is done right. If for some reason, your item doesn’t turn out right the first time we will do it till it meets our very high quality standards.
We are not some second rate garage shop where kitchen ovens and cheap harbor freight equipment is being used. Coast2Coast has been in business since 2001 and has spent the money to purchase industrial grade powder guns, powder booths, and ovens to insure that our work is top-notch show quality.

Media Blasting:

With state of the art equipment, Coast2Coast Powder Coating can strip car wheels, motorcycle frames, ect. down to bare metal with all Media Blasting done in house Most of our powder coating and painting quotes include a thorough strip/blast to ensure the best finish possible.  We firmly believe that a great finish starts with a good clean substrate (a.k.a. item being coated).

There are many advantages to blasting:

  • For powder coat a blasted piece will ensure the highest durability.
  • Media blasting will remove all rust and scales leaving you with an excellent white metal finish to begin your coating process.
  • With our bead-blasting capabilities we can achieve a satin blast finish on stainless steel.


Automotive Powder Coating:

Automotive Powder Coating is the heart of Coast2Coast powder coating division.  We have powder coated parts on all makes and models, from the Chevrolet Chevelle to the Volkwagon’s, Motorcycle frames and parts all the way back to the famous cars from the ealry 1900’s.  Because we are a custom shop you can be sure that your parts will leave our shop with a show winning finish.

Please call us at 973-762-4840 or email us at to get your answers to any questions you may have, schedule work to be done, or to get a free quote.